Yoga For Anxiety And Stress Relief

Yoga For Anxiety And Stress Relief Many people like me and you deal with some levels of stress and anxiety. There are medications that help with the spectrum of stress and anxiety, but what if there is a more healthy and holistic way to heal? Yoga. Yoga is not just one thing. Yoga is like … Read more

3 Easy Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

3 Easy Breathing Exercises For Anxiety If you are like me (or so many others in the world), you know how easy it is to be consumed by anxiety. For some, that feeling is overwhelming. After days, weeks, months, years, or even decades, stress and anxiety may seem like second nature. Living is such a … Read more

What is an Ayurvedic Diet?

What is an Ayurvedic Diet? Ayurveda is a term that means “science of life.” It is one of many practices and knowledge which are rooted in the ancient Indian culture (also known as the Vedic culture). Ayurveda is an alternate medical system and is contemporary to the yogic philosophy. Ayurveda is claimed to be the … Read more

What is a Vedic Lifestyle?

What is a Vedic Lifestyle Lifestyle plays a role of paramount importance in one’s life. You can learn about someone’s well being, physical and emotional stability, and overall health, just by taking a glance at that individual’s lifestyle. Of course, in this modern time, it is not an easy task to maintain a healthy lifestyle. … Read more

What is Vedic Meditation?

What is Vedic Meditation? You may be familiar with the term meditation, but there are many different forms stemming from hundreds of various philosophies and belief systems. Even if you are familiar with some of these forms, others may be confusing. If you are wondering “what is Vedic meditation?” then you are one of billions … Read more

Test Document

Mountain Love

Here’s a quick test. What do the three most important elements of love have in common? Will she ever understand how much I miss her? Someday, the most amazing thing will happen. I will see my own healthy reflection in her eyes. Then, and only then, will I truly understand love. Another Test of Eternity … Read more