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Yoga For Anxiety And Stress Relief

Yoga For Anxiety And Stress Relief

Many people like me and you deal with some levels of stress and anxiety. There are medications that help with the spectrum of stress and anxiety, but what if there is a more healthy and holistic way to heal? Yoga. Yoga is not just one thing. Yoga is like one big tree with many branches, twigs, and leaves that are a part of that tree. Yoga is much more than postures and moving. It is about the mind, your body, and your soul. How can yoga actually help with your stress? There are a few aspects of yoga that can greatly influence your mind and how you can better react to the challenges around you.

Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is a technique used by yogis across the world and has been done for centuries. Yogic Breathing comes in all styles that promote relaxation and calmness in the mind.

When you breathe like a yogi, your blood pressure stabilizes, while your energy levels increase. You can expect your muscles to be more relaxed and overall decrease your stress and anxiety.

There are many different methods of breathing exercises that you can find from professional yogis or even a little research across the internet.

Here Are Some Common Yogic Breathing Exercises:

  • Pranayama Technique
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Belly Breathing
  • Ujjayi Breathing
  • Breath Focus
  • Lion’s Breath
  • Equal Breathing

Hatha Yoga

With so many different styles of yoga out in the world now, it is no surprise that each style can specifically be matched with what you are looking for.

Some people want the physical aspect of yoga to get a good workout in, so they may enjoy Power Yoga or a Vinyasa style of yoga. People that suffer from stress and anxiety may want to look into a popular style of yoga called “Hatha Yoga”.

Although similar to Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga is a style of yoga that focuses more on longer and slower-paced movements. As a result, the stretches are most relaxed and focused. When your body is relaxed, your mind will follow, developing lower stress levels and a reduction in anxiety.

Asanas For Stress

If you are a person who loves a little challenge and is physically capable of attempting Asanas, (or yoga postures), then trying stress-relief poses may be what you are looking for.

Asanas, simply put, are postures or poses that we place our bodies in while practicing yoga. They are done within an exercise or simply just done alone for meditation, and other things, especially in the yoga community.

When one is in a pose, it encourages mindfulness, calmness, and controlling one’s breathing. This results in a reduction of anxiety and can help with stress relief.

Common Stress-Relieving Asanas:

  • Bridge Pose
  • Corpse Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat-Cow Pose
  • Forward Fold Pose
  • Sitting Forward Fold Pose
  • Legs On-The-Wall Pose
  • Hero Pose
  • Extended Puppy Pose


Just Like Yoga, Meditation is not just a single thing but can be explained as a set of different methods for the purpose of encouraging a certain state of mind or awareness.

Studies have shown that meditation has a significant number of health benefits from a physical and mental standpoint. Meditation can help with mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar, and of course, Stress and anxiety.

Meditation can actually be done just about anywhere, even if when you are working. If you are a beginner, the best way to start is in a quiet and comfortable place, like your bed, a room, or anywhere that you will have little to no disturbance.

Steps To A Simple Mediation:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet area
  2. Rest your hands on your knees
  3. Relax
  4. Notice and observe your breathing
  5. Find a single thing to focus on
  6. Allow your mind to be free from everything
  7. Slowly come back to reality

Over the last decade, yoga has become increasingly popular and even doctors are prescribing yoga to their patients.

Schools are now offering yoga as an activity and anyone and everyone can DO yoga. People practice yoga for themselves, with others in a class, for a workout or for their mental health. With all the many features yoga has to offer, it is no surprise yoga is quite popular.